Washington Redskins
1948 Pro Football Illustrated (vs Packers)
Game worn 1939 leather helmet. Photo courtesy of Helmethut
Sammy Baugh's 1950 Bowman Card
1951 Bowman Card
1950 Bowman Card. This is a painted card. The helmet was really metallic gold ("Old Gold"), not yellow.
1952 Bowman Card
1953 Bowman Card
1955 Bowman Cards. One burgandy, one gold. Which one did they wear that year? Janowicz (left) played only in 1954 and 1955.
Eddie Lebaron from a January 1954 issue of Sport Magazine.
Nice reproduction by Helmethut of the Redskins early 50's "Old Gold" helmet
1955 Bowman Card. Peters played with the Skins from 1954 - 1957.
1956 Topps Card
1957 Topps Card
1957 Topps. In 1957, Dorow played for the Eagles He played with the Skins from 1954-1956.
1958 Topps Card
1958 Topps Card
1960 Topps Cards
Charley Taylor
Game used. Picture courtesy of Helmethut
Sonny Jurgenson - from 1969
Sonny Jurgenson - all gold spear head. This is not really an intended variation. The white decal piece fell off of the top part of the spear.
Game used. Pictures courtesy of Helmethut.
Billy Kilmer: November, 1971
1970-1971 Version
Larry Brown 11/06/72 SI
Billy Kilmer in 1974
Calvin Hill in 1975
Mark Mosely wearing the 1982 "tucked feather" version.
Joe Washington from a 1983 SI
Gary Clark from a 1991 SI
The 1994 Special Throwback
1970 -1971
Lombardi "R" version
Helmet Hut reproduction
1949 - 1953
Helmet Hut reproduction
1973 -1974
Long feather version
Helmet Hut reproduction
Theismann tucked feather version
Helmet Hut reproduction