Boston/New England Patriots
The 1960 "hat" version. 12/18/60 game at Houston
The 1960 "hat" version. 12/4/60 game at Buffalo
The 1960 "hat" version. 10/23/60 game at Denver
These 3 pictures are from 2 1960 pre-season games in Boston (against Buffalo and Dallas). Note the absence of helmet #'s.
This is a shot from the very first regular season AFL game. Denver at Boston, September 9, 1960.
This 1960 schedule shows that the "Hiking Minutman" logo existed a year before the Pats decided to use it on their helmets.  
Patriots plain helmet 1964 against Houston. This may have been a pre-season game.
Leon Crosswhite's game worn MacGregor helmet. Thanks to Helmet Hut for this image.
From a 1968 Game Programn
Mid 80's White Mask/Enlarged Decal Variation
Pats 1993 "gray mask" version
1994 Special Throwback Patriots helmet 1994-1999
1961- 1964
Heltmet Hut reproduction
Helmet Hut reproduction
1982 - 1989
White mask version