New York Jets
1963 "Jet Airplane" Version
December 8, 1963 at Buffalo
1964 "White Oval" Version. The Namath picture to the right is interesting in that Namath's rookie year was 1965. This variation may have been in place for part of 1965 or maybe just the pre-season.
Interesting drawing of a player wearing the sleek jet logo from a 1964 game program. The Jets would use this logo on a green helmet a decade later.
Joe Willie Namath - November 1967
Namath from a 1972 SI
Custom reproduction by Helmethut of John Riggins early 70's helmet  
Ken O'Brien
Custom reproduction by Helmethut.
1981 Pro Magazine
The 1993 "1 game Throwback". Worn only for 1 game (Week 12 vs the Bengals).

This was to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 1968/69 Championship.
The next year, stripes would be added for the 1994 "Special TB".

Thanks to Matthew Stratton for the pics & info
The 1994 Special Throwback
Late 1998 Jets Helmet. This is a custom Vinny Testaverde helmet made by Helmethut with the WEEB decal paying tribute to former Jet coach Weeb Ewbank who died in November 1998.
1963 Helmet Hut reproduction