L.A./San Diego Chargers
1960 L.A Chargers vs Houston Oilers. Blue bolts. The block numbers distinguish this from the 1966 helmet. Thanks to Kurt Sanger for this picture!
1963: Navy Blue Outline/Charger Shield Version. Tobin Rote (18) and Paul Lowe (23)
Another "shield version". Thanks to Kurt Sanger for this pic. Note that Tobin Rote has the shield, but Ron Mix does not.
Two really beautiful custom helmets of the 1963 "All American City" shield version done by the folks at Helmet Hut. A reproduction of Ernie Ladd's helmet is to the left, Lance Alworth's to the right.
Nice color pic from 1966 courtesy of Kurt Sanger
Paul Lowe wearing the navy blue outlined bolts against Buffalo. The year is at least 1965, as the Bills helmet has blue stripes.
Lance Alworth on the cover of a December 1965 issue of SI.
Reproduction of John Jefferson's helmet. Photo courtesy of Helmet Hut
Dan Fouts
The 1994 Special Throwback