Buffalo Bills
Helmet Hut reproduction
1960 pre-sason game at Boston. The Bills first helmet was silver with either blue numbers on the sides.
Originally, I thought this picture (of Richie Lucas) showed a plain silver helmet (no #'s) variation. After inspecting the original image closely, I determined the "11"'s are there, but somewhat obscured by mud.
This from the 12/4/60 game against Boston. Note #79 of the Boston Patriots wearing their original "Hat Logo" .
An  October 2, 1960 program showing a picture from a few weeks earlier (9/18/60) against the Denver Broncos and their vertically striped socks!
Richie Lucas was the Bills first draft pick
November 12, 1961. Bills at Texans. Art Baker is #33
1962-64 Single red stripe variation
1963 Daryle Lamonica game used helmet. Photo courtesy of Helmet Hut.
O.J 10/73 SI cover
Joe Cribbs in the early 80's wearing the blue mask.
Jim Kelly in 1986
Thurman Thomas in 1992.
Doug Flutie in 1998.