San Francisco 49ers
Nice Helmet Hut reproduction
From a November 1954 issue of SI, Y.A Tittle wearing the "Lucite" facemask which was very popular in the mid 50's. He's also wearing a special bar to protect an injury he had to the right side of his face.
Hugh M. - from the mid 50's
This is a 1958 Topps card - but the pic is from 1956, the only year Earl played for the 49ers.
Dual single bars
This is a 1959 Topps card - but the pic is from a year or 2 earlier. Lubke joined S.F in 1957 - so this proves they wore the white helmet that year.
The all gold helmet from a 1959 Topps
card. This helmet was worn from 1958-1959 (I beleive).
Plain silver helmet w/3 red stripes: 1960-62
The first helmet with the SF oval was silver and was first worn during the 1962 season and was also worn for the 1963 season. I'm fairly certain the picture above is is the 11/17/63 game at Yankee Stadium. This pic came from a cover of a 1964 pre-season magazine.
This is a picture of Pete Rozelle presenting a plaque to Leo Nomellini for breaking the consecutive games played record. This picture was taken on 12/9/62, prior to the 49ers game with Green Bay. This may have been (or not) the first game with the SF oval. Thanks to Ken Draznik for this picture.
Joe Perry (34) and Leo Nomellini (73) in 1963 wearing the silver helmet. The pictures below are the exact helmets now residing in Canton.
Joe Perry's 1963 helmet. This image is courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Leo Nomellini's 1963 helmet and jersey.This image is courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Nice custom reproduction of Joe Perry's 1963 helmet by Helmethut
Bob St.Clair in 1963
John Brodie on the cover of a 1971 issue of SI.
The "1 Day helmet" that was proposed a few years ago - but never made it to the field. 1991.
This version shows the SF without the black outline
The black outline was added to the SF in the early to mid 90's.
Steve Young wearing the current 49er helmet.